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The Awakening is a thought-provoking, fact-based drama and thriller that accurately portrays the challenges and obstacles young people face every day.

In the fall of 1991, an inner city minister- Clifford E. Turner, Ph.D., was inspired to use the media in reaching inner city youth in order to positively influence their lives.  Dr. Turner was not new to media and filmaking – in 1985 he founded Holywood Studios® which produced Gospel TheatreTM inspirational drama presentations that aired weekly on WCFC Channel 38 Chicago every Saturday night.  He wanted to produce a reality drama that spoke to the current issues the generation ‘x’ was facing.  The Awakening was born…it centers around a young girl named Marquita Perry, an immature, smart-mouth teenager, growing up in the rough housing projects on the crime-ridden south side of Chicago.  She and her friends find themselves encountering the hard and painful price of peer pressure, gang violence, drugs, sex, and homelessness.

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